steps to putting on makeup

Steps to putting on makeup

For years on end, the world has pondered over the reason why women and even men put on makeup. From using it as a mask that helps one to build their confidence, to being a requirement in a person’s profession,

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eye makeup styles step by step

Eye makeup styles step by step

5 effective tips for Eye makeup styles step by step  A perfect eye make-up is extremely crucial for you if you want your eyes to glow when you walk out that door. Prepping for your eye make-up, you need to invest in

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best inexpensive makeup brushes

Best inexpensive makeup brushes

When it comes to makeup, you need to brush up. Seriously, one of the best ways to achieve a natural look is to use a good quality, but preferably the best available inexpensive makeup brushes. Different brushes are used for

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how to apply blush

How to apply blush to look healthy

A little fresh pink or apricot on your cheeks, and your face immediately has a healthy look. But blush can do a lot more! With a neutral color like light brown or beige, you can correct your face here and

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Makeup Ideas…about makeup….

Get any group of ladies together from thirteen to ninety-three and somewhere in the conversation they will start exchanging the latest makeup ideas they have read about or tried out.

Magazines are filled with ads and articles on the trends in makeup techniques.  Sponsors spend millions on TV ads. The fascination for makeup is not new.

A bit of history to start with!

Even as far back as ancient Egypt, makeup was used. This was done especially on the eyes. Perhaps we can credit Cleopatra or Neffertiti with popularizing eyeliners. They definitely used kohl.  But in Asia, makeup was used for stage productions long before that.  In China, makeup was used by men and women in theatre re-enactments of fables and in religious ceremonies. We have all seen the elaborate white-faced make up of the Japanese Geishas with their dark eye liners and ruby lips.

Originally in Europe, makeup ideas were limited to ways to make men look like women. That may sound fairly new age and modernistic, but actually costume makeup was used  because women were not allowed on stage. To have a play all about men would have been pretty boring and one sided, so young boys would use makeup to make their eyes stand out, their cheeks blush and their lips pout like rose petals.  In 18th century France, makeup became an aristocratic fashion statement at the courts. White powders, once only used for the wigs, became plastered on the faces of men and women alike, along with rosy cheeks and black beauty marks. The regal makeup tips tricks of the trade were exchanged behind closed doors by the chambermaids and man servants whose job it was to make the elite at court look ageless.

Beauty makeup was the briefly dashed during the Victorian era as gauche and unseemly. With the dawn of the Roaring Twenties however, even women who were not hussies (or only came out in the evenings) began once again experimenting with makeup ideas. Mostly kohl for the eyes, a little blush for the cheeks and lipstick were the limit. It wasn’t until the next generation of women that using foundation and colorful eye shadows became popular.

Makeup techniques ebb and flow with the times. Most women nowadays want a more natural look in their makeup. Today, back to nature makeup tips tricks the observer into believing those thick lashes, that creamy complexion and luscious ruby lips are from Mother Nature instead of the makeup drawer. However, recent years have seen a return to blues, mauves, greens and other  brighter colors for the eyes beyond the taupes and beiges of a more back to nature look.

Current trends in makeup ideas.

Classic beauty tips are still used today as they were back in grandma’s day.  Botanicals and herbs are returning as alternatives to chemical and petroleum based makeup.  Classic Eye Makeup ideas, for instance, have always included a dual or tri-toned look with the darkest in the crease of the lid and the lightest as an under brow highlight.  Blushes should be the most accented on the apples of the cheeks then blended outward. Certain skin tones still look best with certain colors, and to make your eyes stand out, never use a color that matches your eye color.

But perhaps the greatest makeup ideas tips are the ones that stem from skin protection.  Healthy glowing skin comes from the inside out. Eating the right foods that are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water and using sun protective creams are the best makeup ideas of all.


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